Jungle Scout review

Jungle Scout Review: Should You Use It?

The helpful hand you require to begin your FBA journey is Jungle Scout. This tool’s initial focus was on product research, which was commendable but not sufficient for all users. After some time, they increased their feature set and created a comprehensive set of tools. It can now be used by amateurs, professionals, and even specialists.

In addition to assisting with product research, Jungle Scout can also launch and optimize your product listings, assist you in locating suppliers, handle all of your statistics, and give you precise data metrics.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this Jungle Scout review!

How Accurate Is Jungle Scout?

Every Amazon seller tool will present you with various data metrics for various products, but the key question is whether or not the data is accurate.

When I used Jungle Scout for myself, I was also a bit skeptical about the data’s accuracy. According to a study, Jungle Scout has an accuracy rate of 84.3%. No other product on the market provides data accuracy comparable to Jungle Scout.

You can see the data accuracy of the majority of the Amazon seller tools currently on the market in the screenshot below.

Jungle Scout Data Accuracy


The features of Jungle Scout will all be covered in this part, along with an explanation of how each tool operates. Let’s get going.

1. Product Research

Product Database

The Jungle Scout product database is enormous. You will have the choice to browse through 475 million products to choose the best ones. This function is accessible right from Jungle Scout’s dashboard. It would be best if you first decided on a marketplace where you can sell your goods

Jungle Scout Product Database

There are three different seller-type options available. You can choose  FBM, Amazon FBA, or as an independent seller. There are numerous product categories available. When you choose categories, the corresponding products will be displayed. To add these items right away to the Product Tracker, click the “+” button. The whole product list is also available in CSV format.

Product Tracker

The Product Tracker tool will display all the added products. All of the goods you’ve added are monitored by this tool for performance. You can keep tabs on these products’ sales using this tool and determine which ones have the most promise for your company. Direct access to the tool is also available through the Jungle Scout dashboard.

Jungle Scout Product Tracker

Additionally, you have the choice to manually add products. Only 10 ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number) of products can be added at a time using this tool. This page will display every item you’ve added from the product database. You can look at those products’ sales trends. To identify any product, add a brief note before it.

Opportunity Finder

Use the Opportunity Finder tool from the dashboard if you want to quickly identify product niches. All you have to do to find the greatest niche ideas for your own business is type in high- or low-demand keywords in the search box. Before starting the search, you can choose product categories to focus your options.

Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder

Additional data indicators include seasonality, monthly sales, competition, average monthly units sold, monthly search volume, niche score, and monthly units sold. To view the bar graph details like those in the screenshot below, click on a product.

Category Trends

Use Jungle Scout’s Category Trends tool to determine which categories are popular on Amazon. You will also have the choice to choose a category from a variety of categories, and it will display the subcategories that are currently trending. You also keep up with trends based on the time and date.

2. Supplier Module

You are aware that Jungle Scout has a sizable supplier database, but you are curious as to how the supplier module functions in practice. I will now go over each tool in the Supplier module.

Supplier Database

You can easily access the supplier database in Jungle Scout, just like you can the product database, from the dashboard. The four criteria you can use to find suppliers are ASIN, Supplier Name, Company, and Product. It will display the output on your screen after you have entered all the inputs, and it will resemble this.

Jungle Scout Supplier Database

By selecting the “save supplier” button, you can save a certain source. Just as you can see in the screenshot that follows.

3. Keyword Module

You have investigated the products and located the provider for them. You should now identify the keywords that convert the best. Numerous tools are available in Jungle Scout’s keyword module to assist you in choosing the most effective keywords and managing them with ease. Yes, one of the top keyword research tools are included with Jungle Scout.

Keyword Scout

Using the Keyword Scout tool, create an Amazon listing that contains the most relevant keywords. On the Jungle Scout dashboard, this feature is located under the keyword section. All you need to do is type in a particular keyword, or add up to 10 ASINs to get another keyword list for your listing.

When you click the search button, your screen will display all the crucial metrics pertaining to those keywords. You can utilize the filters if you’re searching for a specific data measure.

Keyword Lists

The keywords you discovered using the Keyword Scout tool can be used to construct an Amazon listing from the keyword list. Entering keywords will display all relevant metrics, including category, 30-day search volume, PPC bid exact, suggested promotions, keyword difficulty, and PPC bid broad. To use the list later, download it in CSV file format.

Jungle Scout Keyword Lists

Listing Builder

You can create a listing using the listing builder based on your keyword and product research. To generate listings, use the listing builder located directly on the Jungle Scout dashboard and the top keywords.

Jungle Scout Listing Builder

To begin generating the product listing, simply click the “Create listing” button. Any current listing from the Listing Builder can also be optimized. You can view the listing score on the left side of the screen as you add products to your listing.

Rank Tracker

The Jungle Scout Rank Tracker functions in a manner similar to other rank monitoring tools. You can monitor the positions of your chosen keywords. You can also keep tabs on the keyword rankings of your competition. To begin tracking, you must manually add products.

Jungle Scout Rank Tracker

4. Seller Module

You can easily track your business with this module of Jungle Scout. Let’s examine each tool in the Jungle Scout Seller Module.

Inventory Manager

Every business owner wants to know the details of their inventory on a regular basis. The Inventory manager tool of Jungle Scout helps you in managing your inventory in real time. It also reminds you of remaining stocks and gives you an alert if it needs to be restocked. You will also be able to calculate Amazon inventory needs and predict FBA sales & analytics.


You can start your business by launching products with the aid of the promotion and launch tool. With the help of this tool, you may improve your product listing, stop any misuse of promotions, and gather client feedback for the new products you’ve introduced.

Jungle Scout Academy

Jungle Scout Academy has a variety of resources that can assist you in developing into a fantastic Amazon seller, just like any other academy. This is how the Jungle Scout Academy dashboard will appear once you launch it.

Jungle Scout Academy

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to sell on Amazon; Jungle Scout Academy’s resources will help you succeed in this endeavor. At the Jungle Scout Academy, all of the material is accessible.

Jungle Scout Extension

Use the Jungle Scout browser extension to conduct keyword or product research while you are on the go. Chrome and Firefox are the only browsers that support this extension. Direct installation of the addon is possible through Jungle Scout’s official website.

Utilizations For The Jungle Scout Browser Extension:

  • Verify product concepts
  • Get important product insights
  • Customize overlay on search pages
  • Request reviews
  • Grade potential opportunity score
  • Get a sellers overview on your seller’s account
  • Request reviews

Jungle Scout Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of using Jungle Scout


  • Offers in-depth data on data and revenue
  • Utilize the information on market intelligence to outperform your competition.
  • Trend analysis with product tracking
  • Look for historical information on keywords, such as volume patterns.
  • Predicts future product demand.
  • Select your suppliers from a large supplier directory.


  • It doesn’t offer a trial or free plan.
  • Does not provide a lot of flexibility for managing inventories.

Jungle Scout Pricing

When you first look at Jungle Scout’s price, you might find it a little confusing because Jungle Scout offers package pricing in addition to its annual and monthly options.

Don’t worry; I’m here to provide you with a detailed breakdown of Jungle Scout’s pricing and assist you in selecting the best plan.

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

Standard Plans

Let’s examine the Standard plans and the features they provide:

  1. Basic Plan
  • Cost is $49/month or $29/month yearly
  • Product Tracker (20 products/month)
  • Browser Extension
  • Keyword Scout (3 searches/day)
  • Opportunity Score
  • Product Database (3 searches/day)
  • Supplier Database (3 searches/day)
  • Amazon Sale Estimator (500 estimates/month)
  • AccuSales Estimate
  • Listing Grader (100/month)
  • Manual Request Reviews
  • Sales Analytics

2. Suite Plan

  • Cost is $69/month or $49/month yearly
  • Includes all of the features in the Basic Plan
  • Add an additional user for $49/month
  • Product Tracker (150 products/month)
  • Historical Product Tracking up to 3 months
  • Historical Keyword Data up to 1 year
  • Rank Tracker (3500 keywords/month)
  • Listing Builder
  • Inventory Manager
  • Supplier Tracker
  • Alerts
  • Promotions
  • Amazon Sales Estimator (1000 estimates/month)

3. Professional Plan

  • Cost is $129/month or $84/month yearly
  • Includes all of the features in the Basic and Suite plan
  • Product Tracker (1000 products/month)
  • Historical Product Tracking up to 6 months
  • Amazon Sales Estimator (1500 estimates/month)
  • Historical Keyword Data up to 2 years
  • Rank Tracker (500keywords/month)
  • Listing Grader (500/month)
  • Priority Onboarding

Package Plans

Let’s examine the package plans pricing, structure, and features:

  1. Start-up Suite Plan
  • Costs $189 and offers 3 months of the Suite plan features
  • 90 days of Historical Product Tracking Data
  • 1 year of Historical Keyword Data
  • Add additional seats for $49/mo per seat
  • Seller training courses
  • Get Started Checklist
  • Priority Onboarding
  • Weekly Q&A

2. Entrepreneur Suite plan

  • Costs $349 and offers 6 months of the Suite plan features
  • Add additional seats for $49/mo per seat
  • The rest of the features are similar to the start-up suite plan

3. Freedom Builder Bootcamp

  • It costs $999 and offers 12 months of Professional plan features
  • Live coaching
  • Add additional seats for $49/mo per seat
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • 6 months of Historical Product Tracking data
  • 2 years of Historical Keyword Search data
  • Priority onboarding
  • Customer Support
  • Academy training

Jungle Scout Alterntives

You can use a variety of Amazon FBA tools as alternatives for Jungle Scout. Actually, we have put up a hand-selected list of some of the top Jungle Scout alternatives.

  1. Helium 10– Check out our article on Helium 10 vs. Jungle Scout here.
  2. AMZScout– Check out our article on AMZScout vs. Jungle Scout here
  3. Viral Launch– Check out our article on Viral Launch vs. Jungle Scout here.
  4. AmazeOwl– Check out our article on AmazOwl vs. Jungle Scout here.
  5. Sellics– Check out our article on Sellics vs. Jungle Scout here.

Wrap Up

Having an edge is crucial since more merchants than ever are making their way onto the Amazon scene.

If you are not utilizing Jungle Scout to market your products more successfully, you can be certain that your competitors are.

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