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Google Will Be Shutting Down Business Profile Chat July 31

Google is getting rid of the chat feature in Google Business Profiles. They’ll start doing this slowly on July 15 and finish completely by July 31.

They told businesses about this through email, understanding it might be hard for them. But they want to keep helping businesses.

In the email, Google said:

We’re letting you know that we’ll stop the chat feature in Google Business Profile by July 31, 2024. We know this might not be what you want to hear – but as we try to make our tools better, we sometimes have to make tough choices. We want to keep being helpful to you as you run your business, and we’re still committed to that.”

What it means for Businesses & Customers

From July 15, customers won’t be able to start new chat conversations with businesses on Google.

Customers who are already chatting will be told that the chat feature is ending soon.

But customers can still find and talk to businesses using Google Search and Maps, and they can see information like websites, descriptions, and photos on Business Profiles.

Why Google is Stopping Business Chat

Google said they’re stopping the chat feature to make their services simpler.

To help businesses move on, Google suggested:

  1. Chat History Download: Businesses can save their old chat conversations using Google Takeout.
  2. Alternative Chat Solutions: Google suggests businesses find other ways to chat with customers.

Even though chat won’t be there anymore, Google still wants to help businesses manage their online business and talk to customers.

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