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Top 10 eBay Dropshipping Suppliers 2023

Dropshipping has become a popular way for entrepreneurs and small business owners to launch and grow their online e-commerce stores. With dropshipping, you can sell products without having to hold any inventory, making it a low-risk and low-cost business model.

eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, and provides a platform for dropshipping businesses to reach a large audience of potential customers.

To help you find the best suppliers for your dropshipping business on eBay, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 eBay dropshipping suppliers for 2023. Our list is based on a variety of factors, including product quality and variety, shipping time and reliability, customer service and support, pricing and profitability, and reputation and reliability.

Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced dropshipper, this list will provide you with valuable information to help you choose the right supplier for your business.

1. Oberlo

oberlo logo

Oberlo is a powerful platform that provides everything you need to launch and manage a successful dropshipping business on eBay. With Oberlo, you can easily import products from a wide range of suppliers directly into your eBay store, and manage your orders and inventory with just a few clicks.

Some Benefits of Using Oberlo for Dropshipping on eBay:

  1. Streamlined Product Import: With Oberlo, you can quickly and easily import products from multiple suppliers into your eBay store, without the need for manual data entry or complex integrations.
  2. Automated Order Management: Oberlo automates the order fulfillment process, allowing you to focus on growing your business instead of spending time on manual tasks.
  3. In-Depth Product Information: Oberlo provides detailed product information, including product descriptions, images, and pricing data, so you can make informed decisions about which products to sell.
  4. Real-Time Inventory Updates: Oberlo syncs with supplier inventory levels in real time, so you never have to worry about overselling or stockouts.
  5. Customer Service Assistance: Oberlo provides a dedicated customer service team to assist you with any issues or questions you may have, so you can focus on growing your business.

2. CJ Dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping

When it comes to starting and expanding a successful online retail business, CJ Dropshipping is your one-stop-shop dropshipping supplier and service provider.

CJ Dropshipping’s large product catalog is a major selling point. CJ Dropshipping offers an extensive selection for retailers, with over 200,000 products in categories such as electronics, beauty, home goods, and clothing.

They also provide a wide variety of dropshipping services in addition to its product catalog. This consists of immediate stock updates, automated order processing, and round-the-clock assistance for customers. This frees up sellers’ time and mental energy to concentrate on expanding their businesses rather than the tedious and often confusing processes of product sourcing and order fulfillment.

Another benefit of using CJ Dropshipping is its competitive pricing. With low prices on products and shipping, CJ Dropshipping helps ensure that sellers can offer competitive prices to their customers while still maintaining a healthy profit margin

3. Amazon

Amazon Logo

The most well-known e-commerce site, Amazon, provides a huge variety of products, including electronics, home goods, books, and more. Amazon has recently gained popularity as a source for dropshipping on eBay and other online marketplaces.

Amazon provides a variety of services in addition to its product selection to make the dropshipping process easier. This includes quick shipping, simple returns, and round-the-clock customer service. These services make it possible for sellers to run their dropshipping company successfully and profitably without having to worry about challenging logistical and customer support concerns.

The stability and trustworthiness of Amazon as a supplier for dropshipping on eBay is another benefit. Amazon offers a level of assurance and security thanks to its well-known brand, which can assist raise customer trust and boost sales.

However, It is crucial to remember that dropshipping on Amazon might present some difficulties, such as more competition and stricter regulations. It’s important to thoroughly research and comprehend the platform in order to be successful with dropshipping on Amazon. You should also keep up with any changes to the platform’s policies and procedures.

4. Costco

Costco Logo

Costco Wholesale is the brand name of a company headquartered in the United States that operates internationally. As of the year 2020, the corporation’s retail arm, which operates a chain of supercenters, had grown to be the world’s third-largest. Costco is famous for their wholesale food and grocery selection. However, it offers a large selection of products and services, insurance included. Costco has everything you need at a discount price.

Fast shipping is yet another great service offered by Costco, much to the delight of online sellers and eCommerce site owners. Costco promises that all orders will be delivered within two business days, and sometimes on the same day. Customers, not just suppliers, are able to make bulk goods purchases from the business. The Costco Business Center’s business orders department primarily serves small and medium-sized businesses.

5. Walmart

Walmart Logo

In addition to groceries and basic household items, Walmart now sells gadgets and furniture, making it one of the largest stores in the world. Walmart’s online storefront makes its vast inventory available, making it a desirable choice for dropshipping on eBay.

Dropshipping on eBay from Walmart is popular due in large part to the retailer’s vast inventory. Walmart’s vast product variety makes it simple for vendors to stock their stock with items likely to be in demand from Walmart’s client base.

Walmart not only has a wide variety of products, but also provides a number of services that streamline the operation of dropshipping. This consists of prompt delivery, hassle-free returns, and round-the-clock assistance. Sellers may focus on growing their business without worrying about the difficulties of logistics and customer service thanks to these services.

6. Home Depot

Home Depot is widely recognized as the go-to store for a wide variety of construction and home repair materials. As a result of its extensive online selection, Home Depot is a popular choice for eBay sellers interested in dropshipping.

Using Home Depot as a dropshipping supplier on eBay is advantageous for several reasons, not the least of which is the store’s wide variety of products. There is a large variety of things to pick from at Home Depot, making it simpler for vendors to identify items that would sell well.

In addition to a wide variety of products, Home Depot also provides a number of dropshipping services. This consists of prompt delivery, hassle-free returns, and round-the-clock assistance.

7. AliExpress

Although technically not a dropshipping vendor, AliExpress is a sizable marketplace with thousands of products and vendors. Finding the finest dropshipping supplier to sell products on eBay is simple because the majority of the suppliers on AliExpress are located in China and have highly competitive and reasonable prices. The general public can easily make purchases from this marketplace because it is open to them as well.

However, the only problem with AliExpress’ suppliers is that occasionally they fail to bring you the item exactly as it appears in the website photograph. Although this problem is uncommon, anyone can experience it at any time, therefore it is best to read customer evaluations before placing an order. You only need to place the identical order on AliExpress and submit your customer’s address when they make a purchase from your eBay store.

8. Megagoods

Megagoods is a global supplier with expertise in a variety of commodities, including toys, electronics, and household items. Megagoods is a popular choice for dropshipping on eBay thanks to its online platform, which makes it easy to access its product selection.

The wide range of products available from Megagoods as a supplier for dropshipping on eBay is one of the main advantages. Megagoods offers a large variety of products, giving sellers a wide range of options, making it simpler to identify things that are in demand and appealing to clients.

9. Etsy

An American eCommerce platform named Etsy offers handcrafted and white-label goods in a number of areas. It is one of the greatest eBay dropshipping providers because it offers a complete marketplace for customers looking for various wholesale goods. You can find here a variety of one-of-a-kind, conventional, and unconventional goods in categories including jewelry, toys, bags, notebooks, home decor, and many more. Products in the special item category are hard to locate elsewhere. Additionally, you can purchase these goods to sell on eBay.

Also, Etsy integrates with a number of print-on-demand businesses, expanding opportunities for side jobs. The business provides quick shipping options using a variety of shippers. However, depending on the customer’s location and the type of order, it may impose delivery fees. On a few things, though, you can also find free delivery choices. However, the return conditions vary depending on the supplier you purchase from.

10. Rakuten

The Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten is frequently forgotten when looking for products to dropship on Amazon. However, it has a number of distinctive benefits that make it a fantastic option for sellers trying to broaden their product options and boost sales.

First of all, Rakuten has a wide range of things to choose from, including electronics, apparel, home goods, and more. Sellers now have access to a variety of products that are popular and desirable to customers. Profits and sales may rise as a result.

Second, and this is crucial for dropshipping on Ebay, Rakuten has a reputation for dependability and trust. Rakuten offers a level of assurance and security because to its reputable brand and extensive experience, which can assist strengthen customer trust and boost sales.

Last but not least, Rakuten provides a variety of services, such as quick shipping, simple returns, and round-the-clock customer care, to make the dropshipping process simpler. This makes it possible for sellers to run their dropshipping business successfully without having to worry about challenging logistical or customer support concerns.

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