AMZScout Review

AMZScout Review: Is It the Right Amazon Tool for You?

Are you an Amazon seller looking for a comprehensive tool to help you succeed? Look no further than AMZScout!

This powerful Amazon research software can help you find profitable products, track sales and inventory, and even optimize your listings for better visibility and sales.

But with so many Amazon tools on the market, is AMZScout really the right choice for you?

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the features and benefits of AMZScout, and help you determine whether it’s the right tool to help you achieve your Amazon goals.

What Is AMZScout?

AMZScout stands out as a highly promising tool that offers valuable market and product information to enhance your Amazon business.

Besides providing insights into product searches, this tool enables Amazon sellers to estimate their income and better understand the potential business opportunities on the platform.

AMZScout also grants sellers access to historical pricing data and tracks the rank changes of millions of products on Amazon over time.

AMZScout and similar tools are primarily utilized to boost sales performance. It allows Amazon sellers to evaluate the effectiveness of their product listings, providing insights into monthly sales projections.

Serving as a comprehensive solution for optimizing online businesses on the Amazon marketplace, AMZScout also provides valuable information on Fulfillment by Amazon fees and rating details.

AMZScout Chrome Extension

AMZScout offers two versions: a Chrome extension and an independent web application, providing valuable insights and information to boost sales and revenue.

The real-time data extraction and basic functionality of the Chrome extension are convenient, but the web application surpasses it with a wide range of comprehensive features.

Unlike the Chrome extension, the web application doesn’t require sellers to access the Amazon website since it integrates technology that retrieves necessary information from their own website.

However, the Chrome extension remains efficient in its own right.

The AMZScout Chrome extension features a user-friendly interface, a real-time profit calculator, and enables niche-specific research from seller pages, product pages, or Amazon’s search page.

Additional features like “Get Niche Idea,” Potential Score, and Product Score empower sellers to make informed decisions when expanding their Amazon business.

One limitation of the Chrome extension is its compatibility exclusively with Google Chrome, whereas the web application works smoothly on any browser.

The AMZScout web application offers all the Chrome extension features and allows sellers to track up to 80 different products, monitoring their performance over time.

Product Searches

AMZScout offers valuable insights into product searches, allowing sellers to identify high-demand products on the Amazon marketplace.

To enhance convenience, AMZScout provides users with the flexibility to obtain search details for specific timeframes: day, week, month, or year.

AMZScout also helps users track changes in product searches during holiday seasons and stay updated on the latest trends, enabling better decision-making for improved outcomes.

With its extensive product database spanning various categories, AMZScout empowers sellers to access comprehensive information on any desired product, enabling strategies for increased sales.

The Product Search tool delivers a detailed breakdown with multiple metrics, including total results, average monthly sales, sales rank, price, number of reviews, and margin, providing insights into performance potential.

Additionally, AMZScout’s potential score feature aids users in understanding the marketplace dynamics and identifying profitable business opportunities.

Product Tracker

AMZScout recognizes the desire of Amazon sellers to outperform their competitors, which is why it offers a product tracker specifically designed for this purpose.

By tracking competitors’ products and sales, AMZScout provides users with detailed information on their performance, enabling sellers to identify top-performing categories and products.

Moreover, AMZScout allows sellers to leverage data on competitors’ sales and pricing, enabling the development of strategies to attract their customers through unique incentives.

The tracking feature also offers insights into competitors’ inventory and revenue, empowering sellers to make informed decisions, adjust their targets, and refine their objectives.

Keyword Research

Keywords play a vital role in online searches, especially for sellers aiming for success on Amazon.

To achieve a high ranking in search results, the AMZScout Keyword Research Tool becomes a valuable asset.

AMZScout Keywords

By providing information on top-ranking keywords, this tool enables sellers to optimize their product descriptions and increase the visibility and appeal to potential customers.

Detailed graphs depicting the historical changes in search frequency and keyword ranking empower sellers to identify the specific terms and phrases that require focus, leading to increased sales.

Estimated Sales

The Estimated Sales feature offered by AMZScout proves to be incredibly valuable.

AMZScout, as a comprehensive tool equipped with extensive data, incorporates an Estimated Sales feature that predicts the number of product sales within a specific time frame.

This insightful information not only helps assess the viability of selling a particular product but also provides a glimpse into the potential success of one’s efforts with that product.

The sales estimator within AMZScout stands out by offering data for up to 30 different categories, delivering accurate information that can be leveraged to enhance results.

Notably, the sales estimator is user-friendly, catering to sellers at different stages, including those with limited technical knowledge.

Despite some confusion surrounding the estimation process, AMZScout simplifies it. By analyzing product rankings across categories and monitoring inventory levels, the tool generates estimates reflecting the product’s popularity among audiences at any given time.

FBA Fees

Many Amazon sellers underestimate the impact of FBA fees on their business. Luckily, AMZScout offers a solution by providing users with an estimate of the fees they are likely to incur, allowing for a clear understanding of their financial obligations.

AMZScout FBA Calculator

In addition to offering insights into product size and weight, this tool also assists sellers in determining the commissions charged by Amazon.

Armed with this information, sellers can make well-informed decisions about their product selection and quantities, ensuring they meet their minimum income targets. Furthermore, they can identify lucrative regions and countries to maximize their online business opportunities.

AMZScout Pricing

AMZScout has a variety of plans available. That means you can choose the pricing that works best for your business.

AMZScout Pricing Plans

An Amazon seller’s best asset is their product research tool, so having an extension or web app like AMZScout is crucial. So we recommend you find the deal that works best for you. And take a verified discount deal with you so you can avoid paying full price.

Whether you choose a basic plan or an Amazon seller’s bundle, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting some of the best Amazon seller tools on the market!

Monthly Plan Pricing

  1. Seller’s Bundle for Amazon: $50/month

Yearly Plan Pricing

  1. PRO Extension: $260/year ($21.67/month)
  2. Seller’s Bundle for Amazon: $380/year ($31.67/month)
  3. The Lifetime Plan: $1599.99 one-time payment

Wrap Up

AMZScout has garnered a worldwide user base of over 500,000, and it’s easy to see why.

This comprehensive tool offers a perfect balance of functionality to enhance your Amazon business.

With its user-friendly interface and intuitive design, AMZScout provides a seamless experience. It encompasses a wide range of features that not only help users understand the marketplace but also offer insights into competitors’ inventory and sales figures.

By leveraging valuable insights and data, AMZScout assists Amazon sellers in identifying promising products and niches. It also provides guidance on utilizing relevant keywords to achieve higher search result rankings.

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